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By Lou Dog
After 10 or 11 years of kayak fishing I finally made some kayak wheels. About time right? I had the Yakima Bar since 2002 & never used it, cut it to length and added the saddles that my dad gave me then slapped on some wheels that were also given to me. Something I've wanted for a long time but didn't want to spend a lot of money on. Pretty much cost me nothing. I thought at first that the ass end of the kayak would hit the ground since it sits so low but I tested it out & it doesn't seem to be an issue (on flat ground at least) Pleased with the outcome.
Kayak on Wheels.jpg
Kayak Wheels.jpg
By Abraham
You did a great job!

As I kayak solo 90% of the time, I wouldn't be without a kayak cart.

You can load up your kayak with your all your fishing gear away from the launch and then pull it to the launch without taking up the kind of time you'd otherwise need - and the amount of time needed to load up and get under way can be the cause of some very p.o.'d others waiting in line for you to get out of their way so they can use the launch...

Our power boat brethren can be quite short tempered with us if we take more time than they generally require to launch and go - and frankly, I don't blame them.
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By Salsa
Uh... step-by-step...tutorial? I gotta know. Looks great.
Did you run an axle down the shaft of the yak bar? Thread the wheels' bolts into that?
What kind of wheels?
Are they quick release and you stow them in the yak or does the rig get carried back to the truck and locked in?
Great project.

I agree, about loading up away from the ramp then carting to the actual launching. Keeps everyone happy and easier to do my prelaunch checklist/not be hurried. I also like the privacy as I load sentitive items/high dollar into the yak or leave them in the vehicle. Same time I believe we have equal rights to access the launch, but am proud when yakkers take the moral high road and be the better fishermen (and women).

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By Lou Dog
The wheels are from a store called Harbor Freight, not sure if thats a California thing or if they're national. My cousin gave me those wheels maybe 6 or 7 years ago, I believe he said they were $5 a piece back then. I stuck a piece of allthread (long one piece rod threaded from end to end) through the Yakima bar & kept the wheels in positon with nuts so they dont wobble. Also put nuts on the allthread inside of the bar so there's no bouncing of the allthread inside the yakima bar. Had to cut the Yakima Bar with the sawzall enough to expose the right amount of allthread so the wheels would both fit. Like I said before I've had that Yakima bar for years, don't know how I ended up with an extra one, they come in pairs and my last truck had 2 bars. The saddles attach easily with the provided wing nuts, Then I just cut a kayak strap I had to secure the yak to the yak dolly.

I wont stow them in the yak, I have a cable lock I plan to use to secure it to a fence, dock or anything similar.
I agree with not wanting to be hurried, it's a real bummer when you rush it and realize 30 minutes later when you're on the water you forgot sunglasses, a hat or anything else. Most of my launches are through the surfzone at the beach so there's no boat ramp traffic however some of my launch spots are a good distance from a parking area and the wheels will come in handy.
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