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hahah, boy i have heard the fish oil story so many times , when i worked for NASA working on there aircraft we were some of the first to use it (in 55 gallons drums) .

it actually ate some of the aluminum and did corrode other metal parts so we stopped using it then ( it may have changed since then but still.

now the fun part of the above video -there is no "fish oil" in wd-40
What a Fish story!

Myth: WD-40 contains fish oil.
Consumers have told us over the years that they have caught some of the biggest fish ever after protecting their fish hooks and lures with WD-40. We believe this legend came from folks assuming that the product must contain fish oil since it appears to attract fish. Sorry Charlie®, it just ain’t so.

WD-40 Company has taken steps to respect and conserve the environment, and encourages its users to do the same. While WD-40 can be used to help protect fishing equipment from rust and corrosion, WD-40 Company does not recommend using WD-40 to attract fish .
Since the solvent is so volatile and evaporates away so quickly it should be fine to spray on your Polyethylene kayak. Polyethylene is darn near insoluble in pretty much any solvent that you will ever come across in a regular life. Actually, I can't think of a solvent that will dissolve it at room temperature. All the WD-40 will do is make it look clean and shiny though since what will be left behind is an light oil probably similar to the oil you use to lube your reels.

I have heard that it helps with Arthritis as well. My guess is that due to the hydrocarbon solvents and gases get absorbed into the skin and reduce the sensitivity.
I use to fish at a stocked lake. One of the "secrets" to catching the fish was WD40. After about two years they banned the use of WD40 because it worked so well.

Not sure why or even if it was just in our heads but we sure caught alot of fish when we sprayed it on our bait.

I've always used WD40 to clean my hands in the field on the farm away from water. Always had a can on the tractor. It cuts grease as good as GOJO. Cuts tar also. Works damn good as a solvent. Never used it to purposely lure fish, just to lubricate & protect my gear & lures. Used deep woods by accident instead of fish attractent on my lures. It was funny to my wife & daughter but I caught fish. I think it was just my presentation & just plain how I was holding my mouth. :D :D Kept the mosquitoes of the lures. HA Ha :P :P
I dont know what all the fuss is about putting it on your yak. After reading up on it... I would say its properties resemble Armor All for yaks. Might be a good experiment. Spraying some in a foam cup and leave it over night to see if it dissolves. If it doesnt hurt foam then I know it wont hurt my yak. I was thinking it would pollute the water. all in all I might try it.
The Hexane used in WD40 as the carrier solvent will dissolve a Polystyrene foam cup really quick. Highly cross linked Polypropylene and Polyethylene are completely different plastics though and are almost indestructible when trying to dissolve them. The rubber used in the bungee cords on the other hand may not hold up as well.
elementfiftyfour wrote:The Hexane used in WD40 as the carrier solvent will dissolve a Polystyrene foam cup really quick. Highly cross linked Polypropylene and Polyethylene are completely different plastics though and are almost indestructible when trying to dissolve them. The rubber used in the bungee cords on the other hand may not hold up as well.

WD-40 is not kind to rubber.......
One of the things I love about this board is the wealth of information that is shared by its members. Take this thread as an example and Ty's video about WD-40. I never knew that polyethylene would "dry rot". Jeeze, all this time I thought that it was danged near indestructible and would last for eons in land fills. You learn something new everyday.

If you use WD-40 on your yak it will definitely make it look good and shine like a new penny. But that's about all it will do and the affects wear off pretty quick. It doesn't do anything to protect your yak from its arc enemy, UV rays. UV rays are what cause the color to fade and the finish to get a chalky appearance, which is most noticable on anything blach. Hatch covers and buckles for example. If you really want to benefit from putting forth the time and effort to shine up your yak, use something that is going to protect the finish. Use something that has a UV protectant in it. 303 is a good examle because it has a UV protectant in it and it will last a lot longer than WD-40 could ever hope to. It will protect you investment far better and last longer.

BTW , avoid using Armor-All. It leaves an oily residue that is less than desirable on your yak.

That's my 2 cents, which along with a $1.97 will buy me a cup of coffee in some places.
I use 303 to protect my yak. And I never use WD-40 on anything except to take paint off my hands. WD-40 will break down monofilament in a hurry. Learned that lesson the hard way after spraying down some roller guides with the stuff. Next day we went out and promptly broke off 4 sailfish in a row. :x Haven't even put a can near any of my fishing equipment since.
interesting,i just picked up a used yak.it could use some cleaning up,was wondering what to use.never herd of 303.have to give it a try..i have used lemon pledge on my fishing rods though,just to clean em and protect em a little.
Lemon Pledge
Oh that brings back memories. :D :D :D
In 1965 my dad bought a 21 foot Cobia with a 165 hp mercruiser in it. Man was I a happy and proud 10 year old. After every fishing trip my brother and I had to wash it and within 5 days we each had to wax half of the boat (split down the keel) with Lemon Pledge, if we wanted to go fishing the following weekend.
Did not know then that a movie would be made showing the same technique for training. Wax on, wax off.
He sold the boat which looked like new in 1986. Clean pure white hull and windshield without crazing.
I pledge my yak after each use.

FYI A little pledge on a rug rat's butt before they go down a slide makes em fly. :clap: :clap: :clap:
i have used lemon pledge on my fishing rods

This and car wax is a great way to seal the guides on your rod to keep salt water from creeping into the threads and rusting the posts..make sure you buff off the haze..but it helps the rod shed water...
about 20 or so years ago me and a buddy were fishing deadmans and while drifting we snaged a drum line.we had to pull most of the line out of the water to get untangled and each hook on that drum line had a piece of cork about the size of half dollar.i asked around and was told they soak them in wd40 never new if it was true but they must have soaked them in something.i hate wd40 with a passion.

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