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By Fishing Elvis
I want to start tying some of my own flies. Where is the best place to start, and can anyone recomend the best place to buy a kit? Thanks.

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By cyberyakker
There are kits available at places like bass pro or maybe the larger Academy stores. the prices vary immensely depending on the brand of vise and the number of materials that come in it. Some come with an instructional video.
By Lefty Ray
I would highly recommend buying a Renzetti Traveler Vise. It will run a bit over $100 but it will be the only vise you will ever need. Contact the Texas Fly Fishers there in Houston for possible fly tying classes http://www.texasflyfishers.org

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By Barry
First thing I'd do is check with your local fly shop and see if they offer fly-tying lessons. If so, spend some time there learning some of the fundamentals. Only then would I consider purchasing the equipment and materials.
I wouldn't buy a "kit", but would purchase a vise, tools and the materials I thought I needed to tie the patterns I wanted to tie. Kits tend to be too expensive and contain a lot of material you'll never use.
When you get ready to start tying, post any questions you might have here on the board. There are some outstanding tiers that monitor this site, and most of them would be glad to help you out. Also check out FAOL’s site (http://www.flyanglersonline.com/beginnermenu.html) for some great tying instruction and tips.
I agree with Lefty about the Renzetti vise. I've been tying on mine for over 9 years now.
However, When I was in FL this past fall, I got a chance to tie on a Danvise. It'll do anything my Renzetti will do and more for about half the price. Check out the URL below if you want to take a look at them.
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Definitely, what everone else has said! Don't get a kit. Buy a good vise. Figure out what flies you want to tie and buy the materials to tie those flies. That way you don't wind up with a bunch of materials you will probably never use. (Not much call for things like dry fly hackle on the flats). Someone out here can answer any quetions you might have about flies or tying. And we even like to do it!
Good luck.
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By anzuelo
Check out your local fly fishing club. There you will find lots of people that will teach you to tie the flies you use most.
What Barry said and flies only too has worked they both know from lots of experience.Barry told me about the danvise and tool kit about 6mos. ago I followed his advice and have been very pleased with the results. Do the research on the flies before you buy.
By Flyfisher
Just get ready to spend some money. Everytime I buy fly tying material, I always purchase more than I need; I probably have between $700-$1000 of supplies and it seems that there is always something I want to tie that I don't have the right feathers or hair for. You also learn to substitue and to hit the craft stores, and I will have to admit that every time I drive past a dead squirrel in the road, I have thoughts of stopping and cutting off it's tail! Tying is a great way to spend the winter days.

If you were a kid, then a kit would be the way to start, but as an adult, spend a little more money and get something that you will be happy with for a long time.
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By M-D
But, I thought we tied our own flies so we could save money? :wink:

You boys and your fancy, Eye-talian sounding, girly-man vises. Get yourselves a real he-man vice. Get a Dyna King. :wink:

By Texas Troutbum

I started with a kit from Cabelas years ago - it was actually a Father's Day gift.

I found some things in the kit useful, but when I took a fly tying class at a local fly shop, had to supplement a lot. I'd probably advise you to get a good vise, the basic tools, and ask someone at a fly shop to help you assemble the various materials for the flies you want to tie.

As for vise, I'm still using the Cabelas vise years later, although I'd love to upgrade to a Renzetti. Never met anyone who was tying on a Renzetti that was unhappy. Heard good things about the Danvise too.

If all you're going to tie is saltwater flies and something like bass bugs, a Regal or an off-shoot (Bass Pro Shops has one for $50 bucks I think) is a good choice - it has a hook pocket that holds bigger hooks in check. Dynakings are awesome, I just can't afford one with a wife, three kids, a mortgage, and a yak on order.

Shoot me an e-mail and I'll send you a list from the Wizard on basic fly tying tools and materials. It's a good place to start!

Tx T-bum
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By GoinCoastal
I got the Cabela's $50 kit for my b-day this past March. I use it all the time. Most of the materials are pretty useless but i use them for practice flies. I haven't added any tools except a hairstacker. There is marabou, rooster necks, chenille, bucktail, etc for making flies like clousers and wolly boogers. The rest of material is basically trout hairs & feathers.

But I agree with the group here........ buy it all separately and pick what you need for materials. If you think it is something you want do as a hobby, invest in the Renzetti or Danvise and some good scissors. If you just wanna see if you can do it, buy the $50 kit or take some classes first.

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By kirbyt
If you are in the area of The Woodlands we hold the Montgomery County Flyrodders Meetings the 1st Thursday of each month. Followed on the 2nd Thursday of the month is the fly tying night. If you're interested in July I can get you directions to either event. The July 1st Thursday meeting has been moved up to Conroe due to room conflicts and the 4th holiday.
By Fishing Elvis
Kirby, I live in the Cypress area so the Woodlands wouldn't be too bad. Where do the meetings take place it sounds like something I would be interested in. You can either e-mail them to me or post here. Thanks.
By Acuna
What I would do is learn how to tie Clouser Minnows.... these are great patterns for the coast, take no time to tie once you know how, and the skills used are not too difficult.

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