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By FoldCatOne
Was shown today exactly how to make a 60 - 120 LED, high intensity Green Light for about $22.00. As soon as I get one made so I know exactly what to order, I will post a Bill of Materials and the sources for everyone. Its sooooooo easy. I think I can make it about 24 - 48 inches long and in a 3/4 or 1 inch diameter clear PVC tube. A 96 LED light would be about 36 inches long and a 120 LED Light would be about 48 inches long. A 2 foot long light would have about 60 LED's. Those of you in the Austin area are especially lucky as the best source of clear PVC pipe is in your area.
Just curious. Are the lights going to be above water use or below (submerged) water use? The reason I'm asking, one of my friends made an underwater flounder gigging light and it's hard on my eyes to see a flounder laying on the bottom with the green color. I like a white submerged light for gigging flounder.
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By texan4ut
I don't know how it can be done for for $22.00.

Superbrights SE-WFLS series Waterproof Flexible Light Strips
39 Inch Light Strip (1m) with 60 High Power LEDs. Wide 140 degree beam angle. 12 VDC Operation. Strips can be cut into 3-LED (2in.) segments. LEDs on highly flexible strip encased in flexible Waterproof Silicone. Silicone End Caps and Mounting Brackets available.
$23.95 plus shipping.
I found the clear tube at
http://www.professionalplastics.com/ACR ... E-EXTRUDED for 20.00 plus shipping.

Hope FatCatOne has beyyer sources.
By FoldCatOne
60 light strip on Ebay waterproof in pvc for about $6.99 w/ free shipping. CLear PVC sched 40 pipe available in Austin for between $2.02 - $5.89 A FOOT DEPENDING ON THE SIZE (1/2 inch to 1 1/4 inch). Regular PVC fittings available at local home center. I'll post my sources and costs and bill of materials as soon as I get the light strip. Should be here before Friday.
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By Mr. Green
GrantH wrote:Do it the easy way. http://wildcatlighting.com/kayak.php

You can get the light system from Austin Canoe and Kayak in San Marcos. Works great, water proof, runs off a 12v battery fro about 20 hours and is designed to attract baitfish.

x2...With the TKF discount my set came out to $109 + tax. May seem steep, but it's a very well made product. As far as the frequency of the lights being tuned to attract fish and penetrate water goes, I really can't say, but they are very bright and very durable. I worked in mobile electronics (car audio) for 10 years and one of our specialties was led lighting. We did some really awesome and creative things with led's. We also tried many many different ones in search of a "good & affordable" product, but when it comes to really any electronic products, you really get what you pay for. We stuck with a great product that was kinda pricey, but we backed it 100% and customers never had issues. The Wildcat kit really impressed me, and I'm confident that it's the last set I'll be installing on my yak. Go the cheap route a few times and you'll easily spend those 100 bucks...
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By saltykat
I bought a few of these for me and a buddy last year, under $15 each at gander mountain. They work great are submersible and run all night off a small battery. Robert used a dry box for his battery and made a floating platform with innertube to set it in. He can leave it in one spot and come back to the light and fish while it sits in one spot. Academy also sells a similar light
Thanks Saltykat, I am gonna get some of those instead. I have seen them that they are not that expensive but there is a company that makes some with LEDs and they claim to be brighter and atract more fish with using less battery, but they sell them for like $200.
by all means post pics some of us like "ME" are not creative or have a clue :oops: if you can post pics of material would be awesome heck do a youtube video of how to make it. hey i'll check youtube maybe someone already thought of it :mrgreen: but yes very very interested in outcome of this :clap: :clap:
By c1337j
i used two of these


epoxied onto a pelican box and then a trailer 12v brake battery inside, it barely draws any power and just runs forever. a little more than 22 bucks but then you can just throw it in the water and paddle off and fish back to it
By Rescue1
i made a couple of these last year. just ordered the stuff to make one more

runs me about $35-40 to make one. runs on 8 AA's and will last about 16 hours. i've used mine quite a bit over the last year and i've never had to change the batteries yet.

rigged it up with a weight on one end of the junction box to keep it pointed down and the other has a length of rope and a float. you can paddle over and drop it off the side of the yak. the paddle away. cast into it. it's all self contained.



not quite $22 but brighter and more versatile
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