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Barry where I've been fishing the shell is very shallow and the fish have not been huge mostly around 20to24 inches,but it still takes me a while to play them.I would have to use a fairly heavy tippet for the shell as I do with leader.How heavy a tippet could I get away with useing a furled leader and still turn the fly?
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By Barry
You could probably get away with 10 or 12-pound test fluorocarbon. It's pretty tough and holds up much better than mono as far as abrasion resitence.
By Guest
Yup. I agree with Barry. I usually use 10# flu/carb with a furled leader. Never had a problem. I retie my fly after every decent fish though. But not before losing plenty till I learned my lesson.
By Lefty Ray
I would ask how you fight the fish? If you keep your rod up during the fight then it will take longer to land. The best tactic is to lean the rod in the opposite direction that the fish is going. You can use this tactic and actually keep a large redfish from going into your backing.

I had some customers recently holding their sticks up in the air until I got them to hold them sideways. Eveyone one of them then was able to bring the reds in faster. The picture below shows this tactic in action.


I realize a lot of shell in an area is a valid concern but I have experienced no cut offs while using this method. The key is gaining experience in knowing how much to yank without breaking the leader/tippet. I had one guy practice on a fish to see how much pressure he could put on it. He found that he could put a lot more pressure than he ever thought. Another key is to keep the fly line moving, either in or out. It should never be still. Also constant pressure is ideal. Any "jerking' will snap the leader/tippet.

I use 10 lb, 9 foot long, tapered leaders by Climax, Cabelas, and Orvis (non-flouro) (and add (flouro) tippet when neccessary) for years.

This is something I cover in my Kayak 4 Redfish seminar.
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By M-D
Lefty Ray is correct. Proper rod position is something often overlooked. Holding the rod 90° exerts very little pressure on the fish. To make matters worse, the closer the fish, the less pressure. Holding the rod at approximately 20° - 25° to the fish puts twice the amount of pressure as does the rod at 90°. Adding side pressure also helps to wear out the fish quicker, as well as keep the fish hooked-up. You can actually get the fish to change directions, even roll it over if you want, which disorients the fish. I've seen photos of people with the rod past 90°, them reared way back, leaning against the fish. This is silly. At best it's rod abuse, at worst they are over playing the fish, to the point of complete exhaustion. Catch and release doesn't have much meaning when the fish has been killed in the catching phase. (I'm not preaching at you, Bob :) )

To answer your question, Bob, it depends upon how stiff is the leader butt. If the leader butt is up to it, using 1X to 3X should accomplish the task. Fly size also plays a part in this.

Fluorocarbon is great stuff, particularly for saltwater environs. Its downside is that it is virtually non-biodegradable. Pack out whatever you take in with you.

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By CaptJack
I don't know here you grew up fishin' but where I come from we were usually fishing poppin rods from a scooter. When you hookup you keep the rod tip in the water so the PotLickers can't see you- 8) play the fish to the deck of the scooter- look around-make sure nobody saw you hook that bad boy- slide him up on the deck- put your foot on him- look around again to make sure nobody is looking- toss hom in the box 8)
otherwise the vultures will decend on your Honey Hole :!:
Hard to hide now days.I think the vultures use telescopes. Kinda makes you want to do something drastic.

I've experienced much of the furtive style of fishing you described in order to keep pot lickers at bay. It's no fun and because of that bother I eventually started fishing farther and farther down the coast where fewer fisherman are found. Eventually I was fishing the lower Laguna Madre. Not may potlickers there. Just a long way to go for a guy from the Houston area.

I'm back to fishing local waters. A kayak allows me fishing areas that a lot of power boaters don't dare come in on. If a fellow paddler I don't know comes in - he's welcome.
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