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Thanks for the patience to the many people and retailers that have kept inquiring through out these many long months (and to the many people who sent a paid order as long as 6 months ago and said just keep it until it is ready). The printer said that it will take about 4 weeks. I just hope it turns out as well as their trial runs - the color photos proofs looked like they should be on a coffee table instead of in a car. Hopefully it will be in the stores in 4-5 weeks. Just remember there has been a name change to:

Wade and Kayak Fishing on Galveston Bays and Surrounding Areas
I have enjoyed the one I have. I am looking forward to the new one.Will this be the second or third edition? Will you have a book signing?
By Flyfisher
I'm humbled by your question. Orvis asked me to have a book signing once, but I never gave it much thought. I guess my problem is like the old question: Have you ever given a party and no one came?

This will be the 3rd edition.
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By Newt
Flyfisher, how far west does the book cover?
By NoBoat
Ray, I can't wait. I have really enjoyed my copy of the second edition and am sure the new edition will be excellent.
By Flyfisher
The book starts at Bolivar, covers East Bay, up and around the Trinity Shoreline, and then locations in upper, mid and lower Galveston Bay, then west all to the Brazos River. Click on my Honey Holes ad at this site.
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By Newt
Better tell Tom you want your money back. The link doesn't work.
By Flyfisher
He's working on it. Here it is:

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By Mercy
I'd come to your booksigning! :)
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