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By length
What is it how do you get it and get rid of it. Any precautions that I can take. This stuff scarres the hell out of me mainly because I don't know anything about it. Thanks
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I hate that word, as a matter of fact since I live in Rockport now instead of Galveston Area I always wonder about that here.and then again I have not considered it very much at all here............First of all especially in the Crystal Beach,Galveston area it should always be on the waders mind...Having open wounds or cuts is not a good thing being in the water at times.......I even remember a person had their leg amped off due to this infection.(so the story goes)..I did not even go into the water at times after playing with my mastiff he loves to make wounds....I wish I could tell you more but I would be making it up as I go......Hope this helps.......Steve
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By bbuchorn
:( From what I have heard it is a Staff bacteria resistant to most antibiotics
:( :( I know a couple of friends who have had troubles with it. NOT something to be ignored.
I have heard that the alchohol in these hand sanitizers will kill it and that rubbing alchohol will kill it also. some guys carry rubbing alchohol in a pump sprayer and spritz off after wading. But! don't smoke or you may get a hot surprize! :oops:
Personally I carry some hand sanitizer in my tackle box in case I get stuck by a hook, finned , etc. :) usually every trip. Always treat any wound or sore immediately, and don't wade fish with open, or scabbed over sores. wear waders if needed. If you get a sore that gets worse rapidly, get to a doctor pronto. MRSA infections get bad quick and take IV antibiotics to stop. Also a couple of good shots of the hand sanitizer "Purell" etc. makes a good hand cleaner.
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By length
Thanks for the info. Wasn't going to stop fishing. Just figured I should know more about it and what precautions to take.
By nhra22
Flesh eating bacteria cant be stopped by putting hand sanitizers on the area. LOL.

There are a couple of types of the bacteria. ONE of them is resistant to antibiotics.

The bacteria tends to only affect people with already weak immune systems.
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By Doug Poudre
I'm sure there are some MDs on here but they haven't chimed in yet so here goes.

Why repeat what someone else has done the research for and gotten paid so check this out.

There are a couple types of bacteria you have to be concerned about. Vibrio and S. pyrogenes are two of them.

The main thing to know is that those people who are most at risk have weakened immunity and/or chronic health problems.

Another "super bug" that is of concern is MRSA (not pronounced mersa) is methacillin-resistant Staph aureus. This bacteria came about from the over prescribing of methacillin drugs for staph infections and people not taking the prescription to completion which allowed the bacteria to develop resistance.

Because S. aureus is ever present on everyone's skin and it is an opportunistic pathogen, drug resistance is a major problem. This super bug is what causes most "spider bites" that we see in ERs.

MRSA is not the only drug resistant bacteria that is of concern in the medical world.

Good daily hygiene is probably the best defense against infection as well avoiding possible sources for infection if you have diabetes, kidney or liver problems, or have some other suppressed immune system.

Seeking quick and early treatment are your best chance for low mortality.

Disclaimer: I'm not officially endorsed by any of the antibiotics or bacteria mentioned in this post. I am an ER RN who has seen more than my fair share of patient-diagnosed "spider bites", 1 probable brown recluse, 1 confirmed black widow bite, 2-3 cases of necrotizing fasciitis and lots of gangrene.
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By nhra22
I'm no MD but I was a pharmacist for two years at UTMB.

I was mainly responding to the "put hand sanitizer on the wound" comment.

One stick from a shrimp in water with vibrio and instantly millions of bacteria have already entered the area.

I wouldn't want someone scrubbing with sanitizer and thinking they are safe.
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By jonnylaw
*Disclaimer* I am not in any medical profession or certified to give any medical advice.

With that said, I have heard many people people say to carry a solution of bleach diluted with water with you to immediately wash any cuts or scrapes incurred while fishing saltwaters.
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