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By Texas Troutbum
Interested in a fly fish/yak/camping adventure on Matagorda.

Anybody give me some help and advice on where, when, what for such a trip?

Tx T-bum
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By GoinCoastal

Send PerryK a private message. He is going this next week for 3 days. He said they are staying at the MISP on the island. The ferry burned up and has not been replaced. You have to paddle to it or get a local to ferry you out. I grew up in the area and there is plenty of excellent fishing there.

Good Luck and when you get back, you gotta give the board an update...

By Texas Troutbum
Any help on how to contact Perry K and Charlie Tuna?

May have overlooked them, but I didn't see those handles on the Memberlist.

Tx T-bum
By jef
I just got back from Matagorda Island. The ferry is not working, but the park service is supposed to have an individual making the run back and forth starting the 25th I believe. You should be able to call the park service and find out. The fishing is great, The highlight was a 32" red in ankle deep water. Would have been much better, the wind was blowing at least 20 knots Thurs and Fri. Water was fairly clear considering the wind. The place looks great for fly fishing. I have never saw as many tails in one area. They were feeding in very shallow water surrounded by grass. Extremely hard to get close enough with a lure w/o spooking them. If camping be very aware of the weather. An unexpected storm came in Friday night. Would love to know what the winds were. Moved my kayak about 70 ft, stopped when it hit my tent. Thank god the wind wasn't from the other direction, would still be looking for my kayak. Bring mosquito repellant and prepare for alot of grass.
By Charlie Tuna
I have made the run now twice by kayak. It is pretty much a full day of paddling. We run the TPW trail system to the island. The water is protected and is not too difficult to navigate. You definitely want to get the map of the trails and have a compass. A gps is a real plus but I have gotten away with just a compass. I made the runs back during the winter and the water level was an issue. I don't think it will be a problem during this time of the year but something to consider. Get a tide chart just in case.

As was mentioned in an earlier msg the camping is primitive. Not much shelter from the wind. And no drinking water. You need to carry all your supplies. You should carry a cell phone or VHF radio just in case problems come up. Before heading over check with the Park Office for the latest update.

The fishing around Matagorda is typically very good. There is a location refered to as the Army Hole just down from the camping area that tends to hold reds and trout. There is Pringle just around the corner that is also very productive.

Have fun
Charlie Tuna

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