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By shoalwater22
I purchased my second kayak from Kokomo Kayak in San Antonio recently and I thought I would write a review. I have gotten a mini-x and recently an x-13 from these guys and got incredible deals on both. If you have your heart set on a different hatch or additional anchor points he will work with you to make it part of the deal.

My cousin bought an x-13 at the start of the boat show, and because its the only x-13 at the show it had to stay through the end. We were bummed that we couldnt take the new yak out to get it wet, so he leant us his PERSONAL x-13 to take to Medina Lake.

Moral of the story, Perry and Steve are real yakkers and will have my business for a long time. Highly Recommended.
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By shawn
perry yaks? i thought he just sat around the shop all the time......
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By redfishgirl
Congrats on the new yak,and tell you cousin congrats too 8) I hope you will let me try it one day :D :D :D
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By redfishgirl
red34 wrote:post up pics of what you do to your x-13. there's still not a lot of them rigged up on the internet.

This guy has done some cool stuff:


This one is very sweet...and the color I wish I could've gotten:


Red if he don't tell ya I will :shock: the last I heard he was gonna get a lime one 8) 8)
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By KokomoSteve
Sad thing is, Perry has fished more in the past 6 months than i have.........................now if that isnt depressing, i dont know what is.

Thanks for the kind words Jeremy, big thanks from the family and we're looking forward to fishing with yourself and Rusty in the near future!
By redfish84
Perry and Steve are both great guys :wink: :) :) . Talked with with Perry at the Boat Show about the stealth 14 and when I will be able to pick it up. Perry even told me to call Steve to ask him to to look up the moon phases for me, which he did . Thanks again Steve. I will be back in Kokomo soon.
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By Capt. Caveman
Looks like Perry is going to have to order some more X-13's. I just took the one I bought from him out for the first time this weekend. The only thing I don't like about it is it has no brakes. It coasts so well I have to shut it down a lot further away from the spot I want to fish. I'm sure you'll love it too.

As far as rigging, Perry put a round hatch inside the front tank well on the vertical wall for rod storage. It will be nice for the chapter BTB trip. I can't wait. I added a scotty rod holder just past the cup holder. Put on the anchor trolley and that's it.
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By Reel Drag
I believe there's going to be a big delivery of X-13's this Tue. or Wed. I'm sure Perry will post with more info :wink:


Thank you for the info

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