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By sjp4ut
Have the gold spoons for redfish been effective for ya'll? I'm thinking about fishing the flats this weekend and I'm not sure how well they work. I've heard good and bad.
By barditch
8) Been doing it to redfish since I was very young, and I used to hunt T. Rex's on weekends!

Seriously, they're one of the old reliables that everybody oughta have in their kit!
By cut bait
They work so well sometimes it seems like cheatin.

Only negatives are castability and line twist. That's if you don't get into a philosophical argument with your self if they are flies or lures.

Keep in mind all spoons are not created equally. Some especially the flat commercial ones just don't have the Mojo. Even two similar ones won't be the same. One will wobble and flutter and the other spins or does nothing.

Hate to say this but the Horbey and Dupry spoon flies are worth it. I haven't gotten a dud from either maker. Gold, Green, Copper are my current first choices.

Oops I was thinking fly fishing. Spoons are great for redfish 1/8-1/2 oz johnson has been a mainstay for over a half century.
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By BMTAngler
They are great in the mornings, just site cast them to reds.
You might want to put a swivle before your line to prevent line twists.
By barditch
:D Absolutely, BMT! Ya need a swivel...and a split ring if there's not one, because the spoon can cut the line. I use a swivel w/15 inches of 30# Vanish above the split ring on the spoon.
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By FishingSETX
Best spoons I've ever used were made out of a butter knife blade. I still have a few my grandpa made!! I also like the johnson sprites with trailer.
By cadruss2004
Read in "Plugger" about adding a swivel and 3" wire leader for in the surf, something about toothy critters out there...
Spoons are one of the basics of fishing tackle like jigs, we all should be able to use them well. They catch everything!! :D :D
By barditch
8) A very old friend!
Gold Spoon 00000.JPG
By Marsh Arab
H&H makes a weedless spoon called "The Secret". Comes with a good swivel - and it truly is weedless. Works great.
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By WK_Fleyes
When talking about conventional tackle, the gold spoon is a 'must have' when stalking reds (especially this time of year). I prefer the Johnsons Weedless Spoon, and I usually use the smallest one I can find. As already stated, using a quality swivel is a must in my humble opinion as it counteracts any line twist.

When talking about fly fishing: If you tie (or 'construct' depending on your point of view) your own spoon flies, make sure you use a swivel. Your leader will most definitely twist after a few casts and can lead to frustration (especially when you spot a red and your leader is coiling up on you). I tie my spoons using size 2 Mustads. I think most people tie a small swivel to the end of their leaders then add an additional 12-18 inches of tippet, which then gets tied to your spoon. However, I have learned (with patience and practice) I am able to open up the hook eye on those Mustad hooks and actually add my swivel directly to my spoon fly. Granted it takes some practice (and a few broken hook eyes) before you get it right. However, the beauty of doing it in this fashion is that it adds just a little bit more weight to your spoon fly, allows the spoon fly to spin while false casting (reducing line twist), and eliminates a step if you have to add additional tippet when using the first swivel method I mentioned earlier. A word of advice though, if you're making your own spoon flies, add the swivel to the hook eye BEFORE you start tying on the hook. I've learned the hard way that trying to do it AFTER you've got your spoon fly tied up and ready isn't always the wisest thing. I've got at least a dozen beautifully tied spoon flies with broken hook eyes to prove it. Anyways, I hope this helps.

By Phishtech
In the fall of the year, a 1/2 ounce Gold Johnson Sprite is my go to wade fishing lure. But you MUST put a small split ring and swivel on it to prevent line cutting. Seems like in the fall there ain't a red, trout, or flounder that can resist a gold spoon. Too bad we can't get into the Anahuac Refuge right now, that was my favorite spot.
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By Reelworld
I like the "HOBO". It's weedless and wobbles all over the place. Holds a special place in my heart and my tackle box since my personal best shallow water red was caught on it. 33.5" and nearly 12 lbs. :D
By theduck
Note the bucktail trailer in the photo barditch sent.

I've found that a plastic tail or a feather or whatever works well.

Try it both ways. Stick with what works. Gold in low light or under clouds.
Chrome in sunlight or bright conditions.
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By Dlcole
I think I was using a Johnson Weedless Gold Spoon when this 24" Red Nailed it...Spook Jrs also work well.
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By Backlasher
I agree with Reelworld. The "hobo" is my favorite.
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