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Back in 2011 I went fishing in a kayak for the first time borrowing my dads Ocean Kayak Trident Prowler 15. It wasn't the most comfortable kayak but I could always upgrade the seat.

It's been sitting in his barn and I'm not sure what condition the hull is in. Since I'm thinking of getting a second kayak, I was thinking I could pick it up from him assuming the hull is still OK and use it the next time I go inshore fishing and see how much better a lower profile and faster kayak could be than my Coosa HD.

I believe it was bought in 2007 so I'm nut sure what would need to be replaced (I.E. bungee cords). Is this kayak comparable to the Tarpon series and would it still be considered a good option for the coast?

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A classic. As long as it was kept out of direct sunlight the plastic will be in good enough shape. More than likely the bungees and nylon webbing straps (dry rot) will need to be replaced. It'll be a little more stable than the Tarpon 160, but it's length ans lower profile make it a great choice for the coast.

I have a 2003 Wildy The Ride and a 2007 Perception Search 15 which I still use. The Search has many hundreds of hours on it fishing the coast and I've replaced all the bungees at least once and handles at least twice due to dry rot.
great choice for coast fishing - HDPE weathers forever stored out of the sun, and it's even quite UV resistant, though they get a little chalky if stored in the sun.

Many of us prefer boats like this for the distance they give us at the coast.
Here's a good seat option that my buddy used, and others also like:
I appreciate the feedback. I'm going to check out the kayak in a few weeks and bring it down to where I live to start working on it.

After listening to the Bite Me podcast, I'm going to make Redfish Bay my primary spot to fish and learn since it's not huge and has plenty to explore. I'll keep some of the spots I've found around Port Aransas, Bayside, and Port Bay as alternatives when I just want something different.
ben_beyer wrote:I wish I could. I have a newborn at home that turns 1 month tomorrow and travel for work. There's the spring which the lower profile will help with the winds and next fall too.

You're doing the right thing. Those kiddos grow up way too fast. The fishing will still be there when you do get a chance to go.

When that time comes the Trident 15 is long enough to have a young kiddo sat in front of you either on the center console on a cushion just in front (on the bow side) of the console.
I got a chance to look at my dad's kayak over the holidays. To my surprise the bungee cord was all still good. The carry handles on the sides not so much. Parts at ACK are sub $20 so no big deal. I just need to get it to a spot in the barn to stage it until I can pick it up and get it down to my house.

The wife said she was OK with it but I think she wants me to leave it at my parents house...

So I might have to work on that first lol.

I love the tridents , I have the trident 15 and it’s so quick and handles rough water great. I mostly fish the marsh and it glides in little water. Being yours is older you can find all the replacement parts you need for that kayak easily. If for some reason the kayak was stored wrong and has a warp on the bottom, here’s what you do . Get the kayak in an area you can work with it preferably off the ground so you can eye ball the hull . Boil a pot of water then pour that into a jug so you can control the pour better. Then slowly pour the hot water over the are that’s bent in or warped . Move it around don’t leave in one area . Watch you feet because of spillage. Once you see the area is pliable reach in and push to were it needs to be . You should be able to shape it back into the original shape. Once you get it were you like then pour cold water over the area making sure it’s doesn’t bend in again. It’s really easy and I’ve used this method in the past with other kayaks.
Some 303 on the center hatch may restore the color. I'd start with letting the hull sit out in the sun before pouring hot water to help remove any flat spots from prolonged storage. It doesn't take much heat for the plastic to come back to original shape.

I'm surprised only the handles had dry rotted. I would still have bungee on hand to replace as necessary.
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