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By Quackman
Hello, new to kayak fishing here. I was wondering where in the freeport area is good for fishing a kayak. I found Christmas bay and surrounding. Just wanting any input of where to go for success.


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By kickingback
I would say any day you are on the water trying to locate fish it is a successful day. Any bay or shore line area will hold fish. If the tide is going out the fish are near the shore and shell with grass waiting for the small bait to flow out. Incoming tide the deeper areas with ambush points for bait are good.
You are the one to make it successful so look for lots of activity like bait or birds or tail fish. Good luck.
By Chrisrambo
I love Christmas bay. I live in galveston and still drive over there to fish. Get a hook n line map. It will help reduce the learning curve of fishing new water. I like to launch at the old ernies, down by the tower.
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By shoffer
Christmas Bay is good - plenty big enough to explore and learn. I think Drum Bay is too shallow most of the time. Search "Freeport Marsh" on Youtube and here and you will find some videos. Mark De La Rosa (MDLR Fishing) on Youtube is now a professional fisherman/youtube channel guy, so his videos will give you some idea of what it is like over there. Here is a recent one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HC5hvAc ... jreload=10

Trailchaser on Youtube has a bunch of videos that will help you scout locations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkV9nzF ... jreload=10
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By eightweight
I used to drive several hours from Houston down to Port Aransas. Then I got to know Christmas Bay. I fish it quite a bit. I suppose it's my home water.

But it is heavily fished. Go any weekend and count the yaks stacked up at the creek mouths along Churchill Bayou. Just keep paddling. I don't believe there a lot of resident reds left in Christmas. Personally, I don't. Too much take, not enough release. There are a few reds held up in the cordgrass, in the back channels and lakes, where the motor boats can't get to them and the yaks don't bother. They're smaller fish but can be a lot of fun on a fly rod. You have to work hard to find them, but you get to know where they live. Best thing about Christmas Bay is Cold Pass. A good tide can bring big reds in from the bay. I think it's very seasonal. Summer can be kind of tough. But the Fall can be epic. Gangs of reds come in from the bay. They rake the line of cordgrass along Cold Pass, flushing shrimp and crab in front of them. You can spot them at some distance, thrashing in the water, driving up the line. Paddle hard to get in front of them, hold 50 yards off the grass to stay out of their line, wait for them to get within range, then take your best shot. I've broken a couple of fly rods on these boys. It's a lot like chasing permit along a line of mangroves, on an in-coming tide, if you've ever been so lucky. But I think this is better, way better. Cause it's just you in your yak, and the fish. No guide, no skiff. It's real personal.
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By TroutSupport.com
Christmas bay is seasonal.. even for redfish. it doesn't have anything to do with how much catching is going on there, it has to do with seasonal movements of what they are feeding on. Fall will be good in there but they won't be all over the place. Drum bay has a little more redfish habitat (there is some in Christmas but again has to do with what they are feeding on).

Drum bay, some freeport marshes, Upper Galveston near the I 10 bridge also holds some reds but it's a totally different way to to fish for them there.
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