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By Ultrastealth
Cuervo Jones wrote:How about you keyboard warriors put all this energy into posting a fishing report?

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Went to POC last weekend, lots of small fish, caught 3 keeper trout on Friday, 3 on Saturday, and 2 slot reds Sunday. No trash at the ramp to speak of.
By Trbrmc
Dude, this is a FISHING FORUM! You brought an entire race into this seemingly harmless original post.

I think any mods should just delete all of us at this point.
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By Yaklash
Litterbugs run the range of race & economic stratus. Seen people on $60K boats throw trash out as they’re running open water; inshore and off. The concentration of that trash in areas of stationary gatherings (beaches and parks) is just more noticeable. And Tobin’s point about trash cans and winds is spot on. I will however call out shorebirds in locations where there are no trash cans. One spot along the ICW between Matagorda harbor and Gulf Cut is particularly disgusting.
By jnd1959
I do think a lot of the beach trash is inadvertant. Not all because clearly someone can break down their broken awning and haul it out of pins. But I've opened my truck door and had receipts catch the wind and be gone. Or set something on my kayak only for it to blow away. Many times you can catch those things but sometimes not. Multiply that by the number of people and you have a big problem. Up until the late seventies, we had deposits on coke bottles. I bought many drinks on found bottles. Bottom line though, if we want clean beaches we need to come up with incentives to make it worth while to pick up trash. Tradegy of the commons will dictate otherwise.
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By crusher
if we want clean beaches we need to come up with incentives to make it worth while to pick up trash

As the original poster, I'd like to conclude this before it goes off track again. That was a little weird there for a short while.

I think as kayak fishermen, those of you that have commented and I hope the other 700 views of this post, simply have the incentive of keeping launches open and respecting our resources. And trash is ugly. We won't change other people's behavior, I'm afraid.

We don't always have the time and energy, but once in a while, lets fill up a hefty bag and contribute to maintaining our launches. Go fish. That's all.

Thanks, and have great fishing trips. Post reports - it's a bit thin over there the last year or two.
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By TexasJim
I crossed the Gulf of Mexico three times on my sailboat. All three times, about every mile, I would sail by a white styrofoam cup. I wondered whether someone ahead of me was throwing them overboard, or whether they were just being blown overboard. I'd like to think that anyone who uses the oceans would be more conscientious about the environment, but I'm probably just optimistic.
The worst was sailing between the US Virgin Islands and St. Maarten. Cruise ships would pass me, and before long, I would sail by maybe a dozen black bags of trash that they had thrown overboard! Some cruise ship passengers video'ed them and they got reprimanded, later. The real sad thing is, they have incinerators to burn their trash, but just threw it overboard! Two-legged pigs! TexasJim

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