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By Chubs
As the title says, I'm planning to fish Palacios next weekend. Was wondering if anyone had any good tips for this time of year?

My plan is from town by the turning basin, head east, then head north east up the river outlet till I reach the east bank by college port, then paddle down a ways to Coon Island bay, then if I'm lucky, catch the wind back up to Palacios. Hoping to get specs and reds.

Thanks for any advice!

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By Chubs
Thanks, I'll give them a shot! I've got the white Cocahoes with red tail, also some matrix shad chartreuse and green hornet, and new penny gulps. More colors never hurt though! I'm targeting Palacios because recent satellite imagery has been showing that area has fairly clean water the last few weeks with the fronts that push in. Also I'm thinking with the colder weather, getting near the back bays would be more productive.
That's a long paddle. This is what I do in Palacios in a kayak. E. Bayshore Dr has rock jetties around the marsh next to grassy point bait. There are 2 cuts exiting from the rocks. Launch at grassy point and first work around the rocks up close. After fishing there go due east from grassy point 1.2 miles and you will find a large marsh that has a creek that goes for three miles. All around the opening of that should be good. Then start working south working the bank towards coon island. you will find a smaller marsh on the way. From there with a SE wind you can get blown home pretty much. That's a little over 8 miles.

I was just down there. Fished the surf all day Thursday and Friday (3 bulls and 3 slots Thurs - including a 40" and a 36" - and 2/1 on Friday). Kayaked the Colorado on Sat looking for flounder. Never did make it to the bay.

I fished the lights on the smaller rock piers lining the seawall at Palacios Saturday night. 25+ trout (mixed specs -
about 4 over 15" - and sandies) . Tearing up shrimp moving out through the bay. Glow paddeltails on a 1/8 jighead, and Gulp under cork. Bigger specs hit the Gulp. Lots of fun.

Also, you can walk along the bank and see big black drum right up next to the rip rap - clear as day. I assume they are hunting crabs in the chunk rock. I would hit them on the head with my bait and they could have cared less. I bet fishing cracked crab up shallow would get you bit on big drum.

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By Chubs

Well now I'm seeing the next front hits either Friday night or Saturday :(

Assuming that is going to mean a strong northwest wind.

I've actually not kayaked during a front before - what sorts of precautions might be in order? Maybe it's time to get that VHF radio...
I hope I didn't sound condisending or anything. Those kind of conditions make me nervous, and if you look northwest from coon islands, thats the widest part of the bay and there will be some big swells/ chop even in 12 or 15mph. Just be safe wherever you go. I like Palacios. Haven't been there in a 4 5 years.
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By Chubs
:X Rut-Roh

if you look northwest from coon islands, thats the widest part of the bay and there will be some big swells/ chop even in 12 or 15mph.

Very good point, I didn't think to account for the bay shape. Well I'm going to need to keep my eyes on that forecast.

Actually for Saturday it's not too bad in theory if it sticks at what the current prediction:


SSW wind 5 to 10 kt becoming N in the afternoon. A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Seas 1 ft or less.

That sounds like a weak front; but sounds like 10 knots is going to make Coon Island a no go at that point. 15 knts is probably my upper limit and only for a short paddle. I might need to be ready to shelter in place too if I see storms rolling in with it.

Think I'll modify the plan to suit the weather - get to coon island well before the front and the winds change; then back up to Palacios marsh/ protected areas once the storm rolls in (maybe even shelter in my truck if I can time it well enough).

Guess I always have a backup plan of surf fishing if it's looking too bad.
If the front hits you that far out with a north wind you would have to paddle 8 miles into a headwind. I got caught about a mile out in Packery Flats when the wind picked up to 20+mph. Took three tries to get to the truck. We would get worn out and then throw the anchor to keep from loosing everything we had gained. Really worn out by the time we got back to the truck. Might do better to drive down to oyster lake and launch there. Be sure you have a good anchor.

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By Chubs
Whew, so I went on Saturday. Man it was windy. Thanks for the tip with the good anchor, it helped.

I didn't catch squat but now I have a bunch of questions :) I'll probably make new topics to ask them. Oh I'll post a fishing report too probably tomorrow.

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