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By Burnman4182
So was fishing the other day and had an experience that still has me wondering what it could of been. So was out a SWP and had my shark poll set up. Had a Carolina rig with steel cable attached to 2oz weight and 80lb spider wire braid. I used a roughly 6-9in live croaker. so I launch it out and hooked up after about 50 mins it made the biggest hardest run I have ever had the pleasure to feel on the end of my line, I have caught 52 in White Sea bass and pb of halibut is 42 lbs and sharks. So have caught good fish before. So the big mistake I made was I set my drag low so I could hear if something grabbed it and was so spun with adrenaline I forgot to tighten drag and of course as soon as I drop my tip I gave it more slack than it needed in snapped my braided. My question is since I'm new to Texas and golf of Mexico fishing what species of fish are capable of doing that! I know there are tons of fish in the ocean so just trying to figure what fish have the ability to do that?
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By Yaklash
Assuming SWP means Seawolf Park??? Most big fish in that area tend to wait till you set the hook to take a serious bolting run, especially shark. They'll slowly swim away with your bait for a good while against a soft drag or a clicker reel. A big arse jack crevelle would be my first bet because they will "eat and run." Also as far as shear power, there can be some really big black drum there. But they also tend to be slow pullers rather than a long, screaming run.
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By kickingback
I agree and also do not write off a big arse stingray! They can suck to the bottom and glide along with suction and you had better have a strong rod and line to pull them up when they are "suckered" tot he bottom.
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