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By ReelinTx
Came down to the Corpus area for my son's basketball tournament and was not able to bring the yaks.

What pier would be good to take the family to? Prefer the bay side.

Thanks in advance for any info.
By lagavulin62
It has been a long time but when we stayed in Rockport, we used to fish those piers at night. Might check it out. Nice hotels too.
By Tombo
Not sure of where in Corpus but there is a pier on the way to Portland called Indian pier or something to that nature. Fulton has a nice pier near the Fulton Harbor.
By SteeleKnight
Like Tombo said, Indian Point Pier is a good one and there is also Marinaville Bait Stand that has a Pier and isn't crowded at all during the evening. Good Luck
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By texnomad
The Rockport pier near the Aquarium is the best night fishing I know of in the Rockport Fulton area.
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