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By Cuervo Jones
I have a couple of game cam batteries that I swap out as needed on my PA. Each one lasts ~5 hours. Is this usual, or are they old and dying? I usually don't use sonar in my kayaks, so I'm not sure what's typical. Your wisdom is gratefully accepted.

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By Kirk B.
How many mAh are the batteries? How many amps does your depth finder draw?
I use a 10 ah battery for my Hummingbird 197c.
Way overkill, but I plan on adding additional electronic gadgets at a later date. I can pretty much run all weekend without a recharge.

Kirk B.
By RealBigReel
That depends entirely on how many amps your fish finder draws, and the capacity of the battery. Typical FF draw would be 600 Milliamps. Typical a game cam battery would be 7 Amps.
600 Miliamps = .6 amps. So .6 into 7 should yield 11.6 hours run time. If your battery is smaller or your FF has more draw, then your batteries may be the best you can get . Otherwise your batteries are not up to performance.
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By Cuervo Jones
Extremely helpful guys. Looks like my unit draws 1.1 amps according to the manual. Seems like I should get a tad over 6 hours. At around 5 hours each, my batteries are a bit off, but I can wait to replace. Thanks again for he solid information.

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By Crusader
In case if you don't know -- lead acid batteries do not like deep discharge (they get bad real quick). I.e. in your calculations multiply your battery capacity by 0.6 (i.e. do not use 40% of it).
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By Cuervo Jones
Ah-ha! By golly that would explain it then. Thanks crusader! These batteries are a couple of years old and at least one was deeeeeeeeep discharged for awhile. Maybe I'll splurge and buy a new one.

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By Cuervo Jones
Excellent idea on the sealed battery, kickingback.
As an addendum to this post, I got my batteries charged up for the weekend, then checked everything Friday night. Aaannnnd...yep. Blown fuse with no spares. Alas. Have to do things the way I used too. No sonar and no gps. Yet somehow, I managed to catch a couple of fish.

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