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By finaddict_830
Does anyone know the rules as far as camping/fishing all night on the access road of SPID (358) just pass Red Dot and Causeway bait shops heading towards the island in Corpus? Was thinking about roughing it on the sand for the next trip, but I'm unsure on the legality of it. I've seen plenty of night time kite fisherman, but I've never known about staying there. Any info would be appreciated, I'm probably gonna contact the city later and ask as well.

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By Fishtolive
Don't know the exact rules but I had been down there numerous times and we were not the only vehicle near the waterline.
By finaddict_830
10-4, a buddy and myself wanna fish till dark/camp out down there and don't wanna be in the wrong for doing it. I'm gonna talk to the city tomorrow, we'll let ya know how it goes!
By osochuck
Lots of people park there overnight, you gotta watch your tides. Be careful.

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