Kayak Articles! 
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Interview with Tom Stubblefield Of Texas Kayak Fisherman
TKFStubb Article from - Kayak Fisherman Magazine, Fall 07 issue
TKF Tips
Which fishing kayak is the best one for me? by JimD
Rudder Repair by JimD
The Redfish Angler's Dreamboat →
VHF Radio Usage by our own Capt. Jack
Paddling Technique by Capt. Jack
Texas Water Safari by Capt. Jack
Navigation Primer - The 1'minute Grid by Capt. Jack
Keen on Kayaks
 Rigging Articles 
Bluffer's 04 Drifter Rigging
CaptJack's Anchors & Anchoring
CNRed's Scupper ProTW
Cojo's Rigging for WS The Ride
Peeshnuck's Anchor/Drift Sock rigging for WS Tarpon 140
Kardoc's Tarpon 160 and Tarpon 120
 Fishing Articles 
Kayak Fishing Safety Checklist
Hooked - a true story
Hook Removal Techniques
Reel Cleaning Tips
Heartland Tackle Serve - Great Reel Cleaning Articles and Parts →
 Saltwater Fishing Articles 
Kayak Fishing for Trophy Game Fish - Jon Schwartz →
Big Water Small Boat - Jon Schwartz →
Kayak Fishing Matagorda Island State Park
Redfish: A primer on life history, reproduction, species habit, and feeding preferences
Salt Water Flyfishing Basics by Bill Harvey
Lateral Lines by Bill Harvey
How to make shrimp to tip your jigs
How to Catch Flounder on Artificial Lures
Lures Explained!
Vibrio Vulnificus Home Page →
Common Saltwater Lures used on the Texas coast
 Freshwater Fishing Articles 
Freshwater Tips
White Bass Spawning Runs →

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